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New patient examination





(Intra Oral)

*This offer is not applicable to emergency appointments

We always welcome new patients to our private practice.

Your new patient examination begins with an informal discussion, during which we take time to listen to any concerns and fears that you may have concerning your mouth. We examine your teeth and oral tissues including your gums. It is usual to take X-rays at this stage if necessary and at Highcliffe Dental Practice we use digital X-rays.

Our 8 point check up consists of:

1. Jaw joint

2. Check for facial swellings etc

3. Full mouth soft tissue check

4. Full mouth gum check

5. Full mouth tooth check

6. Bite check

7. Digital X-rays (if required)- not including panoramic X-rays (OPG)

8. Intra-oral photography (if required)

Once your Dentist had acquired all the essential information they can diagnose your specific dental needs. We take time to explain in an objective and non judgmental manner. We aim to be clear and transparent at all times using patient-friendly terms. We will use our expertise to advise you and together we can design the treatment plan suitable for you


Any questions then please

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